If you're passionate about selling cars or have experience as an auto mechanic, you'll find our Chevy and Nissan dealership near New Haven, CT, may have an opening for you. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional, an experienced service tech or are curious to learn more about what it takes to work at Grossman Chevrolet Nissan, feel free to contact us or apply now.

No matter which position you apply for at our dealership, know that you'll be a valued member of the team.


Full Time Sales Associates - Nissan experience preferred, but not necessary
Collision Center Body Technician - 5 years or more experience preferred. Also willing to consider 2-3 years depending on knowledge and talent for apprenticeship
Part-Time Drivers - on call drivers needed to pick up/drop off vehicles at various locations. Long & short distances. Work as much or as little as you want.
Part-Time Parts Driver - Monday- Friday 8am-2pm, 20-25 hours per week. Must have clean driving record. 
Automotive Service Technician - All skill levels - Full Time

Employee Testimonials

Filipe A.

As current sales manager with 14 years in the business, I can tell you unequivocally, Grossman Nissan is the best place I have ever worked. 

The staff gets spoken to respectfully at all times, there is no micromanaging on your job performance, and both Linda Sawyer and Linda Grossman go out of their way to be a helpful hand. They're extremely protective of the culture at this dealership, and during an interview process, always wants to know if the applicant is a good person first and foremost, before even considering skill- They will not hire someone who they feel wouldn't be a fit with the other staff, no matter how decorated their resume may be. They choose culture over money every single time. I can also comfortably say that I have never witnessed Linda doing anything other than the right thing; that applies to customers and employees as well. Her reputation here is stellar because of all the community events that she's involved with, and it makes it an easy place to be proud to be employed in.

The benefits here also blow away every other dealer I have been a part of, from the stellar 401k program to the health and dental insurance.

Chris C.

I came from a larger dealership previously and made the move to Grossmans for multiple factors. One being the quality of life that you can only find in a smaller community oriented dealership. I have received training from our manufacturers, their support arms, and from an outside company that we contract with to help us streamline our processes and improve our customer conversations, that have been both innovative as well as timely. I have really enjoyed the level of camaraderie with my colleagues. We truly work as a team. In fact, in our management group text thread, we call ourselves the "Rockstar Team" because we all perform and are given the tools needed to operate at a higher level for our respective positions. Whether it's the technology, the people, the processes, or even our inventory being greater than our much larger competition through this inventory crunch that we have endured.

Linda Grossman has been a great principal and great owner to work for. She takes care of her staff. She has taken care of me. She has made sure that she has provided a place that has a great reputation, and does the right thing to maintain that great reputation within the community. It all  starts with treating your employees well. If you can't do that, then you cannot treat your customers or clients well. She does. Which empowers and enables us to treat our customers well. I love working here. It has been a great time and I look forward to working here for a very long time into the future.

Marcus F.

I went to college for engine machining at the University of North Western Ohio before I started at Grossmans. Since then, they have really pushed training, which is important. 

I'm always learning. Receiving bonuses for training, not only from Grossmans, but also through GM has been a nice benefit.

This is a family runned dealership and we all get along really well together. That's really enjoyable. The shop is very clean, and we have a lot of nice equipment. We have all of our GM special equipment tools all sorted in the tool room, even for hybrids.

Our shop foreman, Jason, is always willing to help and tries to guide us in the right direction. Mark in our Parts Department is also great and finds you whatever you need. 

Here, our opinions are always heard. If our equipment needs to be fixed, they fix it right away. Having Heat and AC in the shop has changed the game!